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HMI Development

Tailored to Your Manufacturing Processes

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are essential for the digitalization of manufacturing. They provide a way for operators to interact with and control machines and processes, and to monitor their performance. Well-designed HMIs that smoothly integrate with your industrial machines can improve productivity, safety, and quality.

Development Process

At Bridge Automation, we have a team of experts in HMI development. We have experience developing HMIs for a wide range of manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, and electronics. Our HMI development team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. We then design and develop an HMI that is tailored to your unique manufacturing process. We use the latest HMI development tools and software to create HMIs that are user-friendly, efficient, and reliable.

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Let us create a custom HMI that meets your specific needs

In this stage, we will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements for the HMI. This includes understanding the tasks that operators will need to perform, the data that they need to access, and the environment in which the HMI will be used.

Once we have a good understanding of your needs, we will create a mockup of the HMI. We will provide the mockup to you for feedback, and we will work with you to make any necessary changes.

After the design is finalized, we will begin to develop the HMI. This includes creating the software and integrating it with the hardware. We will test the HMI thoroughly to ensure that it meets all of your requirements.

We will deploy the HMI and integrate it with your PLCs, MES, and SCADA systems. We can also integrate the HMI with cloud and on-prem databases, other software that is already integrated into your workflow, and machine learning modules for real-time inference and results display.


The HMI dashboards will be fully customizable to meet the customer’s specific needs and requirements. They will be accessible via a web browser, so customers can view all necessary information on any production PC in the facility at no additional cost.



Our HMI platform integrates seamlessly with a wide range of hardware, software, and ML modules, including Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk, Simatic (TIA Portal) WinCC Pro, Beckhoff TwinCAT HMI, and Aveva Wonderware Scada. We can also integrate our platform with any third-party software using industry-standard protocols such as WebSocket, MQTT, OPC-UA, and REST-API, as well as the most common industrial protocols such as Profinet, EthernetIP, and IO-link.


Our cloud platform complies with the rigorous ISA/IEC 62443 security standard and is certified by the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI). We offer complete design and on-site integration services to ensure that your HMI system is deployed and configured to meet your specific needs. Answer questions such as:

How much of your production is automated and how much is still done manually?


What tasks are still paper-based and how could they be computerized?

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