Industry 4.0 Audit

Tailored Roadmaps

Industry 4.0 is a digital transformation framework that is transforming manufacturing industries around the world. It is characterized by the convergence of digital and physical technologies, which are enabling manufacturers to create smart factories that are more efficient, productive, and responsive to customer demand.

The Process

Your first step towards Industry 4.0 would be assessing your digital maturity. We will help you evaluate your path towards Industry 4.0 by assessing your organization in six different areas of computerization, connectivity, visibility, transparency, productivity and adaptability.


How much of your production is automated and how much is still done manually?


What tasks are still paper-based and how could they be computerized?


How does data flow between different teams and departments?


Are your IT and operational technology (OT) systems integrated?


How are your IT and OT security policies coordinated?


Do you have a demilitarized zone (DMZ) for data interconnectivity?


Do you have real-time visibility into your production processes and their performance?


Can you see how different parts of your production line are interconnected and how they are impacting each other?


How accurate, complete, and accessible are your records?


Can you easily identify trends and patterns in your data?


Are you using data analytics to gain insights into your production processes?


Can you identify and address potential problems before they occur?


Are you using predictive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime?


How quickly can you adapt your production processes to meet changing customer demand?


Are you using data analytics to forecast demand and optimize your production schedule?

Discover how you can reach Industry 4.0 in your facility